Summer To Do

Ban the Bugs


Protect summer vegetables and other edibles against caterpillars, thrips, aphids, whitefly and other soft-bodied insect pests with this…

Natural Weed Killer.

White oil is a protective coating for plants. It can be sprayed or wiped onto leaves.

4 Litres of Vinegar

2 Cups of Epsom Salts

1/4 Cup of Detergent

Mix the Vinegar, Epsom Salts and Dishwashing liquid together. Combine 1 part of the syrup to 10 parts of water. Spray weeds liberally.

Seeds and Seedlings

Get in early when planting seeds and seedlings to avoid having them dry out to quickly as the day heats up. Don’t plant seedlings out if it’s over 30 Degrees Celsius, it puts too much stress on them.

Water your seedlings with a liquid plant food to give their roots a good foundation.

Seedling in the ground

Lawn Care

Lawns need to be as healthy as the rest of your garden, so your whole garden is as weed and pest free as possible. Keep an eye out for any weeds, and pull them out as fast as they com up to stop them spreading their seeds.

Raising the height of the mower leaves the grass longer, preventing moisture loss. Leaving grass cuttings on the lawn, rather than using a catcher, creates an insulating layer on the grass.

Feed Your Garden

Water in Worm Tea

All plants can benefit from a boost with a liquid fertiliser. Worm Tea or Worm Pee is a fantastic natural feed for all plants, just be sure what you use is diluted.

Locally, if you don’t have your own worm farm, you can find locals selling Worm Tea or Pee quite cheaply on Facebook.