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Slow Food’s  Internationally recognised Snail of Approval Award program inspires producers, chefs, restaurant owners and food outlets to use and promote good, clean and fair food from local sustainable ingredients!

Food businesses undertaking sustainable activities can apply to bear the prestigous Snail of Approval Award on their premises, if they produce food which is good, clean and fair. 

The contact us to apply for this coveted sustainability award : 

2022 Snail of Approval Annual Awards

There were 10 recipients of the 2022 awards in our Slow Food Berry to Jervis Bay area.

We would like to congratulate the following businesses

Fox and Quail Farm

Kangaroo Valley Olives

Hampden Deli

Terrewah Farm

South on Albany

Far Meadow Table

Vincentia Craft Butchery and Providores

Strong Organics

Garnish Creative Catering

Lyrebird Ridge Organic Winery and Retreat


Relates to food that is seasonal, local, high quality, flavourful and healthy.


Clean food is food that uses sustainable production techniques with minimal environmental impact.


Ensures that pay for producers, their staff, and working conditions are fair.

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Benefits  of the Award to your Business/Activity:

  • Snail of Approval decal may be displayed at your place of business/Slow Food Activity.
  • Use of the Slow Food Berry to Jervis Bay Snail of Approval logo permitted on your menus and/or publicity materials in accordance with our guidelines.
  • Listing on the Slow Food Berry to JB website directory of recognised ethical businesses.
  • Inclusion in the International directory of Slow Food producers and eateries – Slow Food Planet mobile app.
  • Slow Food operates in over 150 different countries, so tourists, especially those from Europe, other parts of Australia, Asia and North America, realize the significance of the snail and often choose to patronize establishments that comply with Slow Food principles.
Who can apply?

Businesses/Slow Food Activities that support the philosophy of Good, Clean and Fair food. That are based in the area from Berry to Jervis Bay. Nominations can come from growers, restaurants, cafes, food artisans, retail outlets. Successful applicants must be, or make application to be members of Slow Food Berry to Jervis Bay.

What does it cost?

The application process is free.

It is expected that successful applicants support the Slow Food movement by becoming (or already are) members of Slow Food Berry. Click here to go to our Membership Page.

The Snail of Approval is a recognition program for food producers, artisans, retail outlets, restaurants, cafes etc. which demonstrate a philosophy of adopting earth friendly practices. 

These might include reduction in the use of chemicals, use of local and low food mile ingredients, preserving vanishing animal breeds and plant varieties, animal friendly practices, support of small producers, striving to create food that is Good, Clean and Fair.

Importantly the Snail of Approval award recognises effort and intent, and should not be seen as an accreditation for any of these areas.

The Snail of Approval program recognises that adoption of these practices fall on a continuum and is not a recognition of perfection.

It is envisaged that once in the Snail of Approval program, businesses will find opportunities for improvement towards Good, Clean and Fair food for all.

For more information email us: 

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