Pramila’s Indian Cookbook


Delicious Everyday Easy to Cook Indian Vegetarian Meals.

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Pramila Chaturvedi was born in India and migrated to Australia in 1988. She is now settled in Wollongong.

She has a Master’s degree in Biochemistry and has been teaching Indian vegetarian cooking run under the auspices of the Wollongong WEA School of Culinary Arts for the last 22 years supplemented with cooking workshops , informative cooking demonstrations and private lessons. An outstanding feature of Pramila’s teaching is the way in which all the basic techniques, and all the minute technical details of how and when to incorporate spices to the best effect is systematically and thoroughly explained to the beginner student. Pramila’s original recipes, provided to her students are very clearly set out and explained. Pramila’s Indian cookbook, the result of her many years of teaching, is thus very much out of the ordinary and her recipes, and explanations thereof, are being made available more widely.