Food Co-Op

We believe there are environmental reasons to purchase foods in bulk quantities, however, who wants forty kilograms of flour? That’s why Slow Food Berry to JB has a Food Co-op that coordinates bulk purchases.

Consider some of the Benefits of Buying Bulk Foods:

  • Reduce waste
  • You can buy exactly how much you need
  • Food stays fresher
  • Sustainability

Waste Less Food

How many of us hate having to throw away food, whether it’s nuts or spices, which have gone rancid or are past their expiration date? Buying in bulk allows you to purchase the exact amount of food you need, as opposed to manufacturer-divided portions. Whether you need just a pinch or a few cups or even a kilogram, buying in bulk helps you get exactly what you want.

Make your home bulk friendly

Discard pre-packaged food in boxes, plastic tubs and cans. Purchase glass storage containers, stainless steel jars, or even reuse mason jars to store foods instead – this is a small investment that is definitely worth it. What to do with your bulk purchases? Make a muesli or trail mix. Mix the dried fruit with nuts and seeds and voila, you have your own signature trail mix that is a great healthy snack!

There are now many bulk stores that allow you to buy everything from flour to rice to shampoo using your own reusable containers. This means you can enjoy all your staples without the nasty packaging. Food packaging is a major contributor to the plastic waste impacting our environment today.  Shopping at bulk stores using your own reusable containers is a smart way to help combat this.

Not only is it better for the planet, it’s also a cheaper way to shop so you’ll be doing your hip pocket a favour too.

Slow Food Berry 2 JB purchases seasonally, so please let us know if you would like to participate and we will provide the details.

Here’s some of our current suppliers:

Honest to Goodness

organic wholesale store for dry goods:

Gurra Downs

wonderful Australian dates:

Kangaroo Valley Olives

For non-Slow Food Members:

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For Members:

We will advise you of the purchase procedure and dates that our bulk co-op orders will be submitted.