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There's lots of reasons to Get Involved with the Slow Food movement, and if you are in the Berry to Jervis Bay area (or close enough!) we'd love to meet you.

Supporting local community programs is important and is part of the ethos of SF International and we would love people to join us on Sub committees for various community assistance programs…please contact Marilyn at if you would like to donate some time energy and your skills.

Kangaroo Valley Community Gardens (The Friendly Inn Community Gardens) and monthly market provide wonderful local produce and most is sold by the grower or producer. Assistance by Slow Food Berry 2 JB with the stall setup, sales of produce and financial assistance for display banners is happily provided each month.

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Hardworking Chefs at Slow Food Berry to Jervis Bay's Chefs and Producers event.


RichardAndRayAtTheMarkets - Get Involved

Richard and Ray at the Friendly Inn Garden Markets in Kangaroo Valley

Garden Clinics are run for the benefit of members. There are some examples of past Clinics and Events on our Gallery Page. Help is given for seed raising and propagating of edible plants….all to encourage learning more about how we can feed ourselves and perhaps friends ..from our own gardens.

School Gardens and the education of young students to grow food and to make good food choices when they eat out is also one of our priorities.

Our local Nowra TAFE has a prolific herb garden, supported and cared for by our members. This has been a project for many years and the teachers and students certainly use it.

One of our most important aims is to support local producers and encourage our community to seek out good, clean and fair food from them.

The Chefs & Producers Annual Dinner brings together local chefs, producers and providores. We acknowledge chefs who use seasonal local foods, helping us to raise awareness of the wonderful produce available. We have been working on forging new relationships between chefs and producers, creating the important foundations to defend our edible biodiversity.

Slow Food is active and vocal on a number of current issues affecting our food system.

Here you can discover our standpoint on a number of key issues, learn more about our related work and find out how you can take action: Slow Food International

Australian Convivia have contributed over 60 items to The Ark of Taste including the Davidson Plum. There are now 5000 fruits/vegetables/animals that have been saved from extinction. We are ever observant of our Indigenous foods as there will be further bush tucker products that will be on our ark of Taste in the next few years.

Where your membership money goes:

  • Slow Food International, in Italy, take 70% of all membership fees.
  • With the 30% that we retain, we produce collateral to promote the movement, web maintenance, public liability insurance, pay for hire of rooms etc for events, glasses, etc for running events, running costs -
  • But by far most of our expenditure goes to “Giving back to the Local Community” by:

a. Promoting and supporting local producers, through free online advertising, and our local foodie events, workshops and clinics.

b. Supporting local families with fresh food hampers, which is a new program for this year.

c. Supporting the refugee market at Meroo Meadow, with tools and advice.

d. Recognition of Chefs and restaurants using local produce, through our Snail of Approval programme.

Getting Involved

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