Autumn To Do

Autumn is the time to plant tree's and perennialsThere’s always plenty to do in any vegetable garden, no matter what the season, and Autumn is no exception. Here’s a few To Do’s for the start of the cooler months.


As the weather cools down it is the perfect time to plant perennials and trees. The cooler weather gives them time to settle in without the summer heat drying them out, or the winter frosts damaging or even killing them.  So get planting to give your new additions some time to get roots settled, before it gets cold, and they’ll be strong enough to thrive.

You can find a list of seeds to plant, and online companies to purchase seeds from on our Autumn Planting post.

Save your seeds

Save all the open pollinated seed from any vegetables that have gone to seed.  Cut and put in a paper bag, with the name and date of the seeds on it, and store in an airy place to dry.

Stop Bugs Naturally

Make this safe, super cheap and environmentally friendly Soapy Water Spray for your garden. It acts as a suffocant for soft bodied insects like aphids and hatchling caterpillars.

Soapy Bug Spray recipe from the Autumn To Do post

Simply rub a tablet of vegetable soap in your hands until the water is the colour of diluted milk.  It’s safer and more economical than using laundry soap flakes,  where often too much is used and end up harming foliage and earthworms, as well as pests. 

Spray it directly onto affected plants.